What to cook for today? - we often ask this question. Once we’ve managed to figure out what to make for lunch, we need to find the recipe somewhere.

The recipe-collector, Smartlyst app not only gives you ideas, but also makes cooking easier. You can manage your own favorite recipes as well as those imported from popular websites in one place. As you do your grocery shopping you may think of what to cook, so you can easily check for the ingredients in the recipes, or add them to your shopping list in advance.

You can share the well-accepted recipes with family and friends in a few easy steps. You can post them on Smartlyst recipes, so as to reach out to as many people as possible.

Recipe App

Import recipes with one move

You can import recipes from Mindmegette and Nosalty websites without having to open Smartlyst recipe editor. Just copy the selected recipe’s URL into the Import menu box, and it is already there.

If you're browsing the web from your mobile and find a recipe you wish to see in your app, share directly from your browser by the Smartlyst application without having to open it.

Create recipeImport recipe

Easy editing and copying of recipes

You can easily create new recipes, edit or copy your existing ones into the Editor.

You can even upload your photo to help identify your favourite dishes.

Edit recipe

Categorise and filter recipes

To manage your recipes more efficiently, create categories like meat dishes, soups, noodlings, sweets. Select a category for each recipe. You can also share categories with other users so that they can choose from your favourite dishes.

It is a good idea to use categories in the long run as you can filter the delicacies you want to choose by a click. Do you prefer making soup? No need to scroll over all your recipes, saving you time and energy.

Recipe categoriesRecipe filter

Sophisticated recipe finder

If you forget to add a category to your recipes, use the Search box, which allows you to search your recipes by ingredients or recipe names easily.

Recipe finder

Recipe portion calculator

You can increase or decrease the default portion of the recipe depending on how many portions you want to cook. By pressing the + or - buttons, you can change the amount of ingredients proportionally, and you can also add the ingredients to your shopping list along with the modified amounts.

Recipe portion calculator